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Are the chemicals used in dry cleaning dangerous?

No. It’s true that dry cleaning uses solvents or chemicals, and they need to be handled responsibly. However, the “toxicity” of perc, the main cleaning solvent used by dry cleaners, falls in the same low classification as many everyday compounds, including household ammonia or bleach, gasoline, antifreeze, nail polish remover, and other widely used products. Any of these products could be harmful if you drank them or otherwise abused their use – but not when used with everyday, normal care. Read more →

Is there a danger to the public from wearing dry cleaned clothes?

No. Properly dry cleaned and pressed clothes have no detectable levels of solvent, and therefore would not pose a health risk to humans. Furthermore, the suggestion to air out dry cleaned clothing before use is unsubstantiated advice that only serves to generate an alarmist attitude among the public.

Front Loaders vs Top Loaders

Do You Use Home Style washers? Save money and get a better wash by switching to Front Load washers.

The Home Style washer has 2 water changes and a spray after the wash cycle. The first fill is the wash cycle, followed by a spin during which there is a cold water spray. Followed by the rinse fill and then the final spin. These 2 water changes require precision in the amount of soap used as too much soap cannot be rinsed out in 1 rinse. Read more →

North Side of Decatur

2553 North Main Street
(Business 51 Southbound)
In Decatur, Illinois
217-875-7188 Read more →

West Side of Decatur

912 West Eldorado Street
(On Route 36, corner of Van Dyke)
In Decatur, Illinois
217-429-5002 Read more →

Far East Side of Decatur (south of Decatur airport)

2056 Mt Zion Road
(in the K-Mart Plaza on Route 121, across Route 121 from Wal Mart)
In Decatur, Illinois
217-864-5532 Read more →

East Side of Decatur

1804 East Eldorado Street
(Route 36)
In Decatur, Illinois
217-422-5957 Read more →