Front Loaders vs Top Loaders

Do You Use Home Style washers? Save money and get a better wash by switching to Front Load washers.

The Home Style washer has 2 water changes and a spray after the wash cycle. The first fill is the wash cycle, followed by a spin during which there is a cold water spray. Followed by the rinse fill and then the final spin. These 2 water changes require precision in the amount of soap used as too much soap cannot be rinsed out in 1 rinse.

The Front Load washer has 5 water changes.  The first fill is a short pre wash followed by the longer wash and a spin out.  These 2 wash cycles are followed by 3 rinse cycles with spin outs with the final spin being longer. The spins of the front load washer are much higher in G force than the Home Style washer and produce a laundry that is substantially cheaper to dry.

Front Load washers are larger and can be filled to the top and still provide a quality job.  Large items such as throw rugs, blankets, coats, quilts and etc. will not wash properly in a Home Style washer as the items need to flow up and around the agitator and large items cannot move around in a Home Style washer to get the proper flow. The size of the items in a Front Load washer makes no difference as the wash action is of a lift and drop type. This allows the water to run out as the wash is lifted and forced back in as the wash is dropped back into the water.

The Home Style washer keeps the same dirt that was originally in the laundry load and washes with that dirty water all during the wash cycle.  The Front loader drains out any heavy dirt in the pre wash and drops any remaining heavy soil into the bottom of the wash tub under the drum allowing the garments to wash in much cleaner water in the longer main wash cycle.

The Front Load washer is of a much heavier duty construction and even though it does cost more to purchase than the top line Home Style washer we use, its life is substantially longer.  Since the investment can be spread out over a longer time the vend price is lower compared to its size and operating features.

So far we have not mentioned overall cost of doing laundry.  The fact is that, the more Front Load washers you can use over Home Style washers the more money you can save. For example if you use 3 Home Style washers it would be $5.25, if you put that same laundry in 1 30 lb Front Loader it would only cost $3.00 plus the savings on the drying time would be about $.50. So for a savings of $2.75 you get a better wash.

In summary:  The Front Load washer provides a cleaner, cheaper wash free of soap residue and finishes it off with a load that is cheaper to dry than a Home Style washer.