Stain Removing Tips

No matter how bad you want to, do not rub a stain – pat only, rubbing will push the stain further down into the fabric.  Patting will move the stain into the rag or napkin you are patting with. Rubbing damp silk will damage the material.

Do not spray hair spray on a stain. Hair spray is harder to get out than most stains. Water or soda water will usually dilute a stain and make it easier to remove later.

If you have a surface stain (like spaghetti sauce) place the garment stain down on a towel or rag and pat the stain removal liquid (i.e. water or liquid detergent) from the back side so as to move the stain on to the towel. If you pat from the stained side you will push the stain further into the fabric.

Some stains (such as coffee with cream and sugar) may have many different components all taking a different stain removal process, so be patient.

Never machine-dry a garment before removing stains.  They will be permanently set.

The older the stain the more difficult to remove. Don’t procrastinate — get it out as soon as possible. Oily type stains must be removed at once as they will yellow with age.